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Why Coaching??

That’s a question I hear often. Other times people ask “what happens during a coaching session?” I can answer that from my own recent experience. In the last few weeks I have met with both a leadership coach and spiritual wellness coach - yes sometimes the coach needs a coach!

The last few months have been a roller coaster for my husband and I. At the beginning of July, we moved to a new community. I started a new position, in a new church. We love our new community and church, and we are closer to family, but change is change. At the end of July, my husband injured his foot, initially it was thought to be sprained but it did not improved throughout August. In August we both contracted break-through cases of covid-19. We could have been much sicker, but we were still down for about two weeks. In September, we found out that his foot had a much more serious injury and would require reconstructive surgery. My husband had that surgery and is now non-weight bearing for the next six weeks or so.

For me, it has been evidence of God’s grace that I have not felt like it has been “one thing after another.” But I have found it difficult to settle into routines that help me feel grounded and connected to God, and to help me be productive in my new position. So, a few weeks ago I met with my leadership coach. We discussed everything that had been going on in my life. My feeling that I needed to be gentle with myself was affirmed. As we talked about how I could arrange my week for productivity, the plan began to emerge.

I discovered through our discussion how to arrange my week for my various responsibilities and tasks. After the meeting, I felt like a load had been lifted. I had a plan!

Last week I met with a fellow Spiritual Wellness Practitioner to talk about where I felt I was at in my spiritual health. We talked about how I had experienced God’s grace through this season. Again, the need for me to extend grace to myself was affirmed. But we also talked about how I had yet to settle into a location in our home that served my own need for starting the day feeling spiritually grounded. As we talked, again a plan emerged. I knew where in my new home I could make my “sacred space” for my morning time with God. I was able to commit to do what I needed to do to make this place conducive to my time with God. I also was able to commit to a new journaling and reading routine that would break the rut I felt I was in. The plan is open ended. If after a month or so I don’t feel like it is working, I will make adjustments.

This is why this coach needs coaching herself! I am feeling more settled and productive. Maybe hearing my experiences has evoked in you a longing for someone to listen and help you come up with a plan in an area in you are feeling stuck. If so, feel free to reach out to me. I will be happy to help or point you in the direction of a coach to meet your needs.

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