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Surviving Transitions

I've heard it that it isn't change that gets us, it's the transition. I think that is true. The most difficult part of change is the "in-between" period. I am living in that type of time right now myself. We (my husband and I) are in the midst of a move. While looking forward to the future, a new chapter of vocation, new opportunities, and being closer to family, we are also ending a chapter in our current location.

As I am typing, I am surrounded by boxes. This morning I thought of a book that would be helpful, only to realize it is already boxed up. We are living in limbo. I really dislike limbo. So what am I doing to survive, and thrive in this season? I am keeping important routines in place. I continue to spend time in morning prayer and meditation. I am trying to maintain a healthy diet. My temptation in times of stress is to turn to lots of fountain drinks, relying on the sugar and caffeine to keep me going. I am practicing Qigong, taking my dog for walks, and breathing. I am focusing on progress and not perfection. I am looking forward to the future, while trying to be present in the present.

The next chapter will start soon enough and it will be great! Hopefully you are looking forward to the future. If you need help taking the next step, go to the contact tab. I would love to help!

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