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Recovering Type A

I often describe myself as a recovering Type A personality. When I tell people this they usually respond by saying something like, "oh I would have never thought of you as a Type A." When I hear this I feel conflicting emotions. First, "what do you mean you would have never thought that! Don't you think I am productive, busy, and important?" My second inward response is, "Good, recovery is still going well."

Maybe you can relate. Our culture equates busy with productive and important. I wanted to be seen as a vital, essential member of the team, worthy of my salary and more. Not only did I want to be seen that way, I wanted to feel vital, essential, and important. When I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and worn out I thought it was a badge of honor. Then something happened, a chronic illness. My body told me in no uncertain terms that enough was enough. Not only did I have to slow down, but I had to slam on the brakes, or rather my body did it for me. One day, I literally could not sit up to get out of bed.

It still took awhile, but eventually I learned that my worth was dependent upon my busyness, productivity, and level of exhaustion. Maybe you are a struggling, recovering Type A also. Or maybe you are burned out and looking for some support in order to slow down and gain some balance in life. It is doable. Let's talk. I've been there.

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