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Great ways to detox your mind

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Life can be challenging, and the year 2020 left many of us struggling with emotional balance.

Now more than ever we may find ourselves in need of a mental detox.

Here are a few ways to detox your mind.

  1. Limit your time on Social media. Social media can be a wonderful way to keep on friends and family. But it is also a place where people feel free to say online things they would not say in person. Seemingly innocent posts can quickly become an argument. Then there are those internet trolls always lurking to bully and make trouble. Limit your exposure to this and other negative input. Perhaps, you need to detox your friend lists to include only people who contribute positivity to your life, and close family and friends.

  2. Meditate or Pray. Prayer connects us to that which is bigger than ourselves and focuses our attention on things of eternal value, and reminds us of the temporary nature of life. Prayer is a source of comfort and presence when we may be feeling alone. When we meditate we are intentionally stilling the "monkey mind" that jumps from one thing after another, frequently one worry after another. Simply begin by choosing a quiet place where you can close your eyes and focus on your breath or the sounds of nature around you.

  3. Journal. Journaling can be away of expressing all that "stuff" going around in your brain. It does not have to be profound or poetic; it can be a simple "brain dump." For instance, "These are all the things I am worried about..." You could take it a step further and go on to write out, "Here is what I can do about these things" and "Here is what is out of my control." (Then, let go of the things out of your control - I know easier said then done.).

  4. Remember it is okay to hit "pause." Our society is focused on success and accomplishment. We can feel guilty about making time for ourselves, and making time for rest. Sometimes the best thing we can do for our productivity is to hit the pause button and take even just a few minutes for yourself. Take a break, take a walk, breathe. If possible, take a mental health day once in awhile. On those days, don't over book yourself with "fun things." Instead, sleep in, take a leisurely bath, get out in nature and do some things you really find life-giving.

  5. Practice Mindfulness. How many times have you eaten a meal without tasting anything because you are thinking about the next thing you have to do? Or drive to a destination on "autopilot" not remembering passing certain landmarks? We are so busy thinking that we are not living in the moment. Mindfulness is simply being intentional to slow down, taste the food, savor the coffee, notice the roadside flowers and sights along the way.

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